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Holiday & seasonal tins are specially custom tin cans or tin boxes for holiday promoting products, the most well-know holiday & seasonal tins are chrismas tins, like chrismas ball tins, chrismas lunch tin box, christmas sock shaped tins and chrismas tree shaped tins.

All the holiday & seasonal tins are wholesale decorative packaging boxes or cans for holiday foods like cookie, candy, cake, nut, popcorn or other snacks.

The outside surface you can see can be printed with CMYK or patone color, and the inside generally printed with coatings safe for contact with food directly, but also you can add plastic or paper inserts if you like.

The biggest advange we offer is large amout of existing mold sizes for your choice, which means saving your total cost when customizing your holiday & seasonal promoting tins.

If you can not find the size that fits, please leave us a message, we will suggest you the similar size options for you.











3.5 Gallon Popcorn tins_0000_IMG_0404
Custom 3.5 Gallon Empy Popcorn Tins With Snowflake Printed

Sizes(mm): Dia.260*290mm(Dia.10.24" * 11.42")

Shallow Rectangle Tin Box for chocolate packaging-2
Shallow Rectangle Tin Box For Chocolate Packaging

Sizes(mm): L 200 * W 100 * H 30mm(7.87" * 3.94" * 1.18" )

2 Gallon Empty Popcorn Tins For Popcorn Place-2
2 Gallon Wholesale Empty Popcorn Tins For Popcorn Place

Sizes(mm): Dia.260*200mm(Dia.10.24" * 7.87")

Snoopy Tin Mailbox (5)
Bulk Wholesale Custom Design Mini Tin Mailbox With Flag For Christmas or Valentine Days

Sizes(mm): L 156 * W 112 * H 95mm(6.14" * 4.41" * 3.74" )

heart-shaped-tin-box (1)
Heart Tin Box With Custom Printing For Chocolate And Candy Packaging

Sizes(mm): L 120 * W 115 * H 42mm(4.72" * 4.53" * 1.65" )

FAQs of Holiday & Seasonal Tins

Empty Holiday & Seasonal Tins are fully recyclable! All the empty tin containers we produce are made of suistainable raw material – tinplates, tinplates are simple thin steel metal sheet, coated with tin, plus the coatings we used are all eco-friendly,you can recycle all metal containers.

In short, there is a basic set-up cost for the printing process, so unit price of custom tin box or tin container depends on the quantity greatly, the more you order, then cheaper for each tin. 

Our general MOQ is 3000pcs, this will give you a affordable price to custom your personalized tins.

Once the accumulative order quantity of this custom Holiday & Seasonal Tins reaches or exceeds 80,000 pcs, we can refund the mold fee. This can be easily achieved by reorders..

We charge the proofing fee because this fee is a printing fee and the cost of the workers to install the mold and adjust the mold.

The cost of proofing with our existing molds will probably range from $200 to more, depending on the specific tin container specifications and your requirements.

Proofing process will take about 2~3 weeks.

As an professional tin box manufacturer for more than 14 years, we developed a strict process to make our Holiday & Seasonal Tins qualified to our customers’ needs, We are very strict on the printing and production process of our products. We have a group of can-making employees with more than 10 years of experience. Their operation skills and production matters are very accountable, and the management system of the company and factory is also evolving and improving year after year. Thouthrough the process of printing, stamping and packaging, we have quality inspectors to track the whole process to ensure the quality of products.

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