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Goodyou tin box company offers wholesale decorative cookie tins, candy tins, cake tins, nut tins, and popcorn tins for any occasion. Made by eco-friendly metal tin plate materials, the containers are the great options for containing food realted products, and using tin packaging boxes has becoming the best alternative packaging solutions for paper packaging, tin box containers are available in an variaty of solid colors and pre-printed designs, or you can customize a design of your own style. Goodyou tin box is your one-stop solution partner for decorative bulk tin box cans.

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Steps to custom the best tin container that suits your needs?

  • Define your packaging application

What you plan to pack inside the tin container? we have many existing mold options for tea tin container, candy tin containers, and other food grade tins; and also we manufacture tin balm containers, tin candle containers wholesale, or band-aid tin tainers, tin container for laundry products and other unlimited applications.


  • Esitmate the tin container’s capacity or size

Capacity of a custom tin container and the size of your products will  be helpful datas you need to prepare before talking to a tin container supplier or manufacturer like us, for example, How many grams of loose leaf tea you need to pack in one tea tin container? 350 g or 500 g and etc. How many candies you wish to put in a candy tin container, what’s size of your candy? how many pcs of band-aids to pack in one band-aid tin container? Ask yourself these questions and get the answer will help you narrow your target tin containers quickly, then you can search for 2 oz tin containers, 4 oz tin containers, or 8 oz tin containers and you name it.


  • Confirm the shape and structure

When you have your capacity data or your product dimensions, then you can talk to us, we will suggest several options meeting your requirements, these options of tin container may come in different shapes like square tin containers, rectangle tin containers, round cylindrical tin container or even other creative shaped tin containers like dollar tree tin containers; Also structures may vary from each other, we offer metal slide top tin containers, screw top, slip dome cover, steped cover, hinged lids, windowed, tins with handle, tins featuring in air-tight and etc. Proper structures of tin containers will help improve user’s experience, thus keep them more engaged with your products.


  • Prepare the design

After you confirm the size, shape and structure, you will get a specific tin container that works, and we will send you a dieline or template file in pdf or illustrator file format, to let you or your designer to put your custom design on, literally speaking, there is no limiations for the designs, wheter it’s a simple color tin gold or white or silver, or a full range of colors, we will print it out with CMYK or PMS color methods. But with that said, you do need professional consultant, to help you narrow the gap between a unlimited design and the real printing technical limitations, this is where we can help you the most.


  • Place the order

With all steps above completed, it’s optional to move on with a sample order, or place a bulk order of your custom tin containers(you will also get a proofing sample before the actual bulk production), we suggest to go with a bulk order, since most sample order’s sample will mislead your judgement over the final products you want. More details here.


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