Tin Accessories

Accessories are used to support the packaging function to help keep the products packed inside more safe, more organized, to protect the products packed during transportation, common accessories are PET plastic inserts, Paper divides, Metal dividers, and etc.

Plastic Inserts For Tin Cans or Tin Boxes

Using plastic inserts will bring a professional look to your products, you can choose inserts that fit all of our tin box or tin cans, whether they are round, square or rectangular,  most are available with more than one cavity or and divided sections to keep products organized or classified, what’s more important, the material we used for plastic inserts has a feature of heat resistant up to 167 degrees(PP material inserts).

Flocking Plastic Inserts

Flocking plastic inserts are used for high-end products, which needs elegant and protective inserts inside the premium tin boxes or tin cans, the base material of the inserts or tray can be either PVC, PP or PET.

PP, PET and PVC Plastic Inserts

PET is the most widely choosen one, both PP and PET inserts are sustainable materials, are food-grade insets for cookie tins, candy tins, cakes tins or other food products which needs a direct contact to the inserts.

EVA Inserts For Tin Cans or Tin Boxes

EVA inserts are popular tin inserts fro custom tin boxes or tin cans, compared to plastic inserts, EVA tin inserts have some advantages:

  • Product is perfectly fited inside: products can be fully wrapped inside a laser cut cavity, and the size is perfect according to the product’s dimension, benefited from the accuracy of laser;
  • Better Protection and vibration assorbtion performance: Due to the features of EVA material structure, EVA tin inserts will offer better protection for products during transportation;

There are two different kinds of EVA inserts, one-piece engraved EVA insert and die-cut seperated EVA inserts.

One-piece Engraved EVA Inserts

One-piece engraved EVA inserts, is made by precise CNC engraving machine, the machine will dig the cavity area in a very accurate way and the bottom of the EVA insert is kept as it is.

Production Process: stack the EVA sheet first(multicolor possible), then engraving.

CNC engraving EVA inserts

Die-cut EVA Inserts

Pressed by a die-cut machine, one piece of EVA is cut through, since the die cut can not be too deep, so by repeating this cut process to get dozens of cut pieces, then stack them together with glue to get the main part of the insert, and plus the bottom pcs(not cut through) you get the final insert.

Production process: die cut EVA sheet first, then stack togher.

die-cut EVA inserts

Sponge Inserts For Tin Cans or Tin Boxes

Sponge inserts are suitable for products which do not need such strong supoort like EVA inserts.

Similart to EVA inserts, sponge inserts are made by die-cut machine.

To use the insert inside a tin box or tin can, first choose the right size and then simply put it down inside of the target tin box or tin can, then gently move the edge of the insert down until it locks snugly under the inside lip of the tin can.

That’s all, if you still confused or not sure whether you shall go for a insert for your products inner pacakging, please feel free to drop us a line or call our customer service at +86 13717442270 and We will be glad to guide you through the tin box purchasing process, once you have narrowed your search to a size or two we can even send you a sample that is in stock for free(you just need to pay for the freight).


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