Креативная жестяная упаковка

Tin box packaging is widely used in many industries, like tin box packaging for tea, tin box packaging for coffee, tin box packaging for gifts, etc.

Except for the sustainable feature for the environment, tin box packaging has earned its own place in the competitive packaging world for an unbeatable reason: tin box packaging can be creative in many ways.

  • Why tin box packaging can be creative?

Why tin box packaging can be more creative?

#1 Shapable raw materials

When we said “more”, we are meant to compare tin box packaging with other packaging, take the paper box for example.

Due to the unique feature of the raw material, tin box packaging is made of tinplate, tinplate is a kind of material that can be much more shapable than paper board.

Roughly speaking, the only limitation for creative tin box packaging design is our imagination.

Let’s say we need a creative packaging solution for our luxury chocolate brand product, and the brand has a long history and rich culture, with a traditional and classical favor, and can be a great company when you read a book and enjoy your afternoon tea times. what comes to your mind? a book shape container, right?

That’s exactly what Vinchi (a gourmet Italian chocolate brand) thought, they chose a book-shaped tin box for their Assorted Chocoviar: a gem-themed mini-book box.

Venchi book shaped box




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