9 Factors Affect The Cost And Price Of Custom Tin cans Or Tin Boxes

The unit cost of a custom tin can or tin box is determined mainly by the aspects below:

Raw Material Cost
Printing Cost
Assembling Cost (Labor Cost)

But the most crucial factor is the quantity for each order. If you are interested in why you can jump to the section “Total PCS of the order.”

The price of tinplate raw materials

The raw material of the tin box is tin-plated steel sheet, tin for short, and the fluctuation of its market price will be one of the main box costs.

The thickness of the metal box when ordering

The thickness of the steel material is different from the tin boxes with other specifications and processing techniques, and the thickness of the tin material is different. The tin material will be softened, and the tin will be too thin, which will cause the tin box to be scrapped.

Tinplate box size

The thinness of the tin is the main factor affecting the price of tin boxes because the style of tin boxes has a variety of shapes such as round, shaped, square, square, triangular, trapezoidal, etc.

Therefore, the thickness of each type of tin box is not the same, so the amount of tinplate raw materials needed are also additional, which directly leads to a high or low difference in the price of tin boxes.

Tin box processing technology

The production of tin box packaging requires multiple processes; the process requires simple, uncomplicated presentation, and the price is relatively low. For example, in the same condition as other elements, the round tin box is generally easier to make than the square tin box, so the general round tin box will be relatively more cost-effective than the square tin box.

Specification or features of tin box

The larger the tin box, the more tin materials are used, the more complex the processing process is, and therefore the higher the price. On the contrary, the smaller the tin box, the smaller the cost.

Printing process

The more complicated the printing process is, the higher the price of the tin box. The surface treatment process, the cheap and commonly used is over the light oil, followed by the printing of matte oil; the less used explosion oil and rubber oil, etc., the price will be higher, but the explosion oil can improve the texture of the product. The typical printing process is four-color and spot color, or four-color plus Pantone color using mixed; the more spot color, the higher the price.

Accessories, outer paper box, and inserts

Commonly used accessories are portable, steel wire buckle, rice nails, etc., this kind of tinplate box processing process is slightly more complicated – a little, second, if you do it as a gift tin box, the outside can purchase high-grade outer packaging box, to seal.

Total PCS of the order

This is a self-explain thing that the more you order, the lower price you will get for each pcs, but why?

This is because custom tin cans have a setup fee, no matter the quantity.

Shipping cost

Tinplate boxes need to be transported to the customer, so the shipping cost also impacts the purchase price.


For custom tin cans, the Minumum Order Quantity (MOQ) is the most vital factor determining each tin can’s unit cost.

But here, Goodyou helps our customers to lower the MOQ as much as possible, and the same time keep the cost down.


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